Hey everyone, 

Like many passionate artists of the industry, I grew up in the salon. Whether it was sweeping hair or mixing color, I've always felt very inspired by the beauty world. My mom, Grandma and Aunt all do hair; so it was only natural that I develop my own appreciation for the craft. My love for it sparked when I saw just what I could do for someone; how my services could make them feel. Enhancing someones outer beauty in a way that re-ignites their inner beauty, is what my work is all about. 


Lived in, easily maintained, nature reflecting hair is what I strive to provide for my guests. I specialize in coloring services such as balayage and blond-ing, welcoming a challenge for color corrections. Natural yet glamorous makeup services and styling lessons are additional services I'm excited to offer. Excellence is always something I strive for in my work and I use only the highest in quality hair, skin and makeup products.

It's very important to me that my guests know how to recreate the look I give in the salon, once they leave my chair. Making sure you have the tools, products and knowledge to do so at home is a significant part of my process and mentality as a stylist. 

I have always been told I have a servants heart and for one, I'd have to agree and two, I think it's an absolutely necessary trait to have in the world of hair and makeup. I want to meet all of you, play with your hair, spice up your makeup routine and teach you how to curl. The beauty industry is forever evolving and incredibly vast. We all need a stylist to keep us in the know but also a stylist that will cater to your specific needs and lifestyle. When we share time together in the salon, it is my goal to make you feel comfortable, educated and of course, polished. Relaxed, excited, rejuvenated and pampered are all things you'll feel during your polishing experience.



Education, is of the highest importance to me and my craft. I find it imperative to be knowledgable in all areas of this industry and to master the techniques that speak to my creativity. In the years since graduating beauty school I have attended courses designed to further my technical skills from many educators and companies. Listed below are some of my favorites.



Vidal Sassoon





SHANNEL mariano







Below are some of the beauty industry platforms I've been lucky enough to be featured on. Publications such as these sharing my work on their sites is a serious compliment. The biggest compliment however, will always be your business!


Behind the chair

American Salon

Modern Salon


Cities best hair artists


Behind The Chair, the worlds largest hairdresser website and magazine publication in the world, as well as the most impactful social media following in the beauty industry. To stylists, Behind The Chair is a household name. That being said, it is such an honor to have had my work featured twice on the BTC website. To have my creativity on such display is truly flattering. 


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